Birmingham (Shirley) Driving Test Centre Routes

Birmingham (Shirley)

Average Pass Rate: 46.6%

DTC: Driving Test Centre | T/L: Traffic Light | EOR: End Of Road

Test route 1

Maps to be added soon

Route Number 1
Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC Right
Union Rd Roundabout right
Longmore Rd T/L ahead
Widney Lane Roundabout left, roundabout ahead, EOR left
Widney Manor Rd / Church Hill Rd Roundabout right, mini roundbaout ahead
New Rd T/L left
Warwick Rd Roundabout ahead, left
Ashleigh Rd T/L right
Streetsbrook Rd Left
Sharmans Cross Rd Right
Woodlea Drive Left
Yewhurst Rd EOR left
Prospect Lane Right
Ralph Rd Roundabout left
Jacey Rd EOR left
Stratford Rd

Test route 2

Route Number 2
Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC Right
Service Rd Left
Stratford Rd Roundabout left
Marshall Lake Rd Roundabout right
Cranmore Rd Left
Avon Rd Right
Shakespeare Rd Right
Clinton Rd Left
Cranmore Rd Right
Cranmore Boulevard Left
Stratford Rd Roundabout right
Dog Kennel Lane Roundabout left
Tanworth Lane Roundabout right
Dickens Heath Rd EOR right
Tilehouse Lane / Haslucks Green Rd Left
Green Lane / Aqueduct Rd Roundabout right
High St / Colebrook Rd Left
Acheson Rd Right
Stroud Rd Right
Horrell Rd Roundabout ahead
Velsheda Rd Left
Middleton Rd EOR right
Hurdis Rd Left
Grenville Rd Right
Shirley Park Rd Left
Bills lane Right
School Rd T/L ahead
Union Rd

Test route 3

Route Number 3
Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Service Rd Left
Union Rd T/L ahead
School Rd Left
Bills Lane Left
Queens Ave Right
Oberon Drive Left
Shakespeare Drive Right
Stratford Rd Roundabout right
Blackford Rd Roundabout right
Tanworth Lane Left
Watery Lane / Illshaw Heath Rd Left
Kineton Lane Roundabout left
Stratford Rd Roundabout right
Monkspath Hall Rd Left
Highlands Rd Roundabout left, mini roundabout right
Cranmore Boulevard Roundabout left
Widney Lane T/L right
Blossomfield Rd Left
Charles Rd Roundabout left
Witherford Crescent Left
Yoxall Rd Left
Longmore Rd Roundabout right
Union Rd